Volleyballsaison 2018/19

Spieltag and visiting coach

Full program for SSC in the next weeks

Winkelwiese, Tuebingen. On monday, Coach Schneider chose to spend some time for a Technical/Tactical/Mental training in the festeung Winkelwiese to prepare the team... details»


Doppel Winning for SSC Tübingen

 Herren unstoppable, Damen back to win


Samstag fertile for the teams of Tübingen, both efforts to play one (Herren) in Eningen, and the other one (Damen) in Pfrondorf. The project of the universitaries is making a shape, all of them with the willpower to do a good job. details»

Super Herren

Amazing sport battle was made in the Festung Winkelwiese


 Monday 20:30 Tübingen. Round 2 of the Verbandspokal and the guest were SV Esslingen from Landesliga. SSC Tübingen was already excited for the match after a week of mental preparation from Coach Scheinder which was very focused on this game. details»


Damen : Winning for Hubert’s Girls.

A good sign of good work. 

Herren : Two games in one week.

5th match for Damen trained by Coach Hubert, guested in Reutlingen against SG TSG Reutlingen / TSV Betzingen. Second match in the day, the girls played a long game that leaded them at to second winning in the championship. details»


SSC Tübingen Herren confirm the first place. 

Other 2 game in the next days.

Monday 26 November 20:00 Bad Waldsee. 5th Match of the season for the guys. A long trip brought the SSC in the big Halle Bad Waldsee. An important match which both teams had to play a good game for conquest the first place in the ranking. details»


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